Capacity Development

SACREEE has a mandate to build the capacities of market enablers and market players to development and implement renewable energy and energy efficiency investment projects/ programs in the region.

The following activities are geared at enhancing the capacity of stakeholders in the SADC Member States in the area of  Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE).

  • Conducting a regional capacity needs assessment to identify the needs of the capacity needs of market enablers, policymakers, regulators, etc., and players, industries, Small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs), project developers, financiers, research and educations institutions, rural electrification agencies, etc.
  • Developing a regional multi-year capacity development strategy encompassing the training needs of different stakeholders and at different levels is developed.
  • Developing targeted SADC training modules and certification processes covering various RE&EE issues and tools at different levels and in all SADC languages are developed.
  • Establishing a SADC Network of certified (Using the train-the-trainer approach, trainers from existing training institutions undergo the regionally harmonised training and are certified).
  • Establishing a web-based interactive portal on training as part of the SACREEE website.
  • Training key market enablers and players on specific aspects of RE&EE.
  • Training of policy and decision-makers on RE&EE policy, regulatory and legal issues to cover issues like negotiating a power purchase agreement (PPA), supporting Independent Power Producers (IPPs), setting feed-in tariffs, policy options for creating a level playing field for RE&EE, strategies for decentralized power generation, in particular, mini-grids for rural electrification, etc.
  • Training of rural electrification agencies and other rural stakeholders on RE&EE on pertinent issues.
  • Training of financial services providers, commercial banks, insurance companies, local banks, community credit providers on RE&EE investment projects support mechanisms.
  • Training of utilities and regulators on RE grind integration, EE at utility-scale, etc.
  • Training of experts from the public, academic and private sectors on industrial energy management and system optimization on a train-the-trainer basis at regional level.
  • Training of national accreditation bodies on accrediting of Energy Management Standard.
  • Training of selected experts on RE&EE on mainstreaming cross-cutting issues like gender, social inclusion, etc.
  • Training of private sector experts and start-ups on the development, installation and maintenance of RE&EE systems and projects.
  • Training of experts in financial structuring and planning of RE&EE projects (e.g. climate financing, RETScreen, etc.).

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GN-SEC training


Wednesday, April 10, 2024 to Thursday, April 11, 2024

Employment and Procurement

Provision of services for the development of Regional Energy Efficiency Labels in SADC and EAC Regions

Provision of services for developing e-waste management guidelines for EAC and SADC Region

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