Meseret Teklemariam Zemedkun

Dr. Meseret Teklemariam Zemedkun (PhD, Earth Science, Geothermics), is an Ethiopian woman internationally recognized and acclaimed professional with over 20 years’ experience in Energy field, management, project management, international donor relations and more.

Since 2011, she works in UN at UN Environment’s (UNEP) Africa office in Kenya, as Programme  Manager for Africa Rift Geothermal Development Programme (ARGeo) and also as Regional Energy Programme Manager in Africa. Is a recipient of many international awards and has authored more than 20 professional papers some of which have won international awards. She has also served as international consultant on geothermal energy in various assignments (including African Union Commission and UNIDO).

Dr. Zemedkun has played a seminal and stellar role in conceptualization, visibility and institutionalizing the ARGeo activities; and, in coordination with donors and institutions, she has helped to mobilize funds for projects, programmes and investments. She has led the development of energy initiatives, policies and programmes as Regional Energy Programme Coordinator. She has played a leading role in the initiative and development of programmes for support to Women Entrepreneurs in Energy sector in Africa. She is currently implementing this programme with various partners through the Africa Women Energy Entrepreneurs Framework (AWEEF).

She has been a regular faculty of UN University- Geothermal Training Programme in Iceland for many years. She has also been training geothermal staff in Africa as invited faculty. She focusses on Capacity Development in Africa with zeal and has been instrumental in conceptualizing and making possible the African Geothermal Center for Excellence.

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