OJs Energy Kiosk

Country(ies) of operation: 
Contact person: 
Mr. Ncube Obert Joseph
Role / Position: 
Managing Director
Physical address: 

Mashaba Business Centre

Gwanda South Communal Areas

Ward 19, Chief Mathe

Matabeleland South Provience
P.O. Box 336, Gwanda, Zimbabwe


Telephone number: 

+263 716430200 ; +263775236624


Renewable Energy Technologies: 
Solar Photovoltaics (PV)
Other products / services / technologies (e.g. energy audits): 

Provision of lanterns in dark homes of rural off-grid areas, backups systems, water pumping for agricultural purposes, domestic refrigeration, solar Television, energy backups for small institutions like clinics, schools, churches, and shops.

How has the company benefited from the Facility: 

-have learnt to conduct market surveys. Learned how to produce business plans. Through seminars and webinars, the company learnt how to track products. Ways of marketing using latest technologies.
-through the Facility, the company learnt ways of doing joint ventures.
-learnt ways of exploiting business opportunities through the use of the latest technologies.
-ways of stimulating company growth through creating linkages and joint ventures to maximise sales.
-through the Facility, the company now can do system sizing for its prospective customers.
-using the latest technologies now the company can market its products nationally, regionally and globally.
-through the use of the latest technologies have established a system where clients from RSA (SOUTH AFRICA) can buy items and send money.

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