Powerquest Energy Ltd

Country(ies) of operation: 
Contact person: 
Brian Kapambwe
Role / Position: 
Physical address: 

Suite 2, Provident House, Broadway Road, Ndola, Zambia

Telephone number: 

+260 977 645 722; +260 966 358 048


Renewable Energy Technologies: 
Solar Photovoltaics (PV)
Other products / services / technologies (e.g. energy audits): 

RE Project Developer, PV Solar installation and System commissioning, Solar Load Sizing, Energy Management and Audit, Energy Storage Solutions, Generator Installation and Commissioning, Instrumentation and Automation.

How has the company benefited from the Facility: 

We have benefited a lot from all the three SME Trainings in that;
-Our capacity has been increased and we have adopted new methods which we were not practicing in our business such as Bookkeeping, Record Keeping, Marketing and preparation of financial reports.
- Certification on the 2nd SME training which focussed on Feasibility Study and Development of Renewable Energy Projects.

- My Mentor has started giving me their Zambian-based business opportunities to work on.



EELA E-learning plattform

GN-SEC training


Wednesday, April 10, 2024 to Thursday, April 11, 2024

Employment and Procurement

Provision of services for the development of Regional Energy Efficiency Labels in SADC and EAC Regions

Provision of services for developing e-waste management guidelines for EAC and SADC Region

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