Sabera Khan

Sabera Khan has vast market experience in climate change, renewable energy and finance in Sub-Saharan Africa, and currently is leading a team in the design of the Southern African Impact Investment Fund under Lloyds Financials Limited. Sabera is a licenced investment advisory under the Zambian Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sabera, is the Country Coordinator for PFAN in Zambia, and a former Gender Ambassador of PFAN. This role entailed mainstreaming of gender into PFAN activities, advocating for gender balance in the way finance is accessed by male and female entrepreneurs, creating increased value for women beneficiaries from private sector activities.

Sabera is also the BGFA Liaison Manager and Senior Expert. Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa (BGFA) is an ambitious multi-year program aiming to increase energy access, improve livelihoods and catalyse economic activity in rural and peri-urban areas. In Zambia, the Fund has been successful in reaching over 800,000 people with access to modern and clean energy in two years.

The BGFA programme supports the government through the Off-Grid Energy Taskforce, a multi stakeholder forum which addresses barriers to market entry and provides information on opportunities. A brain child of Sabera, the Off-grid taskforce has helped the private sector bring to the fore challenges in the market, and in addressing these challenges has brought both government and cooperating partners closer together through a more coordinated action oriented way. Part of the success of the off-grid taskforce has been the capacity building of all the market players, and coordination of activities which lead to market growth.




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