SADC Industrial Energy Efficiency Program (SIEEP)

SACREEE, with the support of the European Union Technical Assistance Facility (EU-TAF), is designing and developing a regional SADC Industrial Energy Efficiency Program (SIEEP), which is meant to support the implementation of the SADC Industrialization Strategy and Roadmap, 2015-2063.  SIEEP will contribute to the competitiveness of the industrial sectors of SADC Member States by building their capacity to adopt, invest and utilise energy efficient technologies and practices.  The target group are medium and large scale industries. The objectives of the Program (SIEEP) contributes to the region’s goals of:

  • Energising SADC towards adequate, reliable, least cost and environmentally sustainable energy service; and
  • Long-term transformation of the SADC economy and creating the knowledge economy of the future.


Some of the impacts of SIEEP include:

  • Economically competitive industrial sectors through adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Creation of a favourable climate for large-scale investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Employment growth in energy efficiency and renewable energy industries and increased energy security.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increased uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy.


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Vacancy Announcement: U4E Southern Africa Energy Efficiency Expert

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