Sixbert Mwanga

Dr. Sixbert Mwanga is the Executive Director at Climate Action Network Tanzania. Dr. Mwanga is a climate scientist based in Tanzania. Dr. Mwanga leads the Climate Action Network Tanzania which is the leading ‘Think & Do Tank’ NGO in Tanzania in the areas of climate change policy, research and on-the ground actions. As a climate scientist and member of the IPCC, Dr. Mwanga has been engaging at multiple levels including the UNFCCC Conference of parties, regional forums, national dialogues and local solutions. Dr. Mwanga has produced a number of publications on climate change in Tanzania and East Africa, covering water, agriculture, energy and broader natural resources management. Dr. Mwanga has over 12 years of experience on both on research, policy and actions on the ground and has extensive leadership skills for multidisciplinary teams working on complex (i.e. multisectoral) yet important subjects such as climate change, SDGs and other poverty reduction projects.

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