Veronica Gundu Jakarasi

Veronica Gundu Jakarasi is a Climate Finance and Sustainability Manager with the Infrastructure Development Bank in Zimbabwe. She saved the Government of Zimbabwe for 10years and was responsible for the establishment of the Climate Change Management Department in 2014. She has been involved in resource mobilisation, climate change policy analysis, formulation and implementation in Zimbabwe. She supported the accreditation of the Environmental Management Agency to the Adaptation Fund and the IDBZ to the Green Climate Fund. She is currently working on establishing a Climate Finance Facility at IDBZ.  Mrs Jakarasi has authored different academic papers and book chapters, including on climate finance. Mrs Jakarasi is the African Group Lead Negotiator for Mitigation in the Global Climate Change Negotiations. She is also a seasoned trainer in climate related issues such as climate finance, gender and climate change, climate diplomacy and green procurement.  Mrs Jakarasi sits in different Boards including the Forestry Commission.


Manager, Climate Finance and Sustainability


Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe


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